First row (l-r) Enrique Martinez Celaya;
Yumi Kori; Mario Livio; Second row (l-r)
"Untitled (classic profile series)" by Wangechi
Mutu (c) 2010; Kavita Ramdas; Lucinda
Barnes; Mark Bradford's "Market Place";
Third row (l-r) Marcus Shelby; Frances
Stark;  Anish Kapoor's "Untitled 2009" (c)
2009; Fourth row (l-r) Elizabeth Colton;
Rene DeGuzman; Ghani Alani; Fifth row
(l-r) ; "Meeting" by Karen Green; Willie
Williams' "Lumia Domestica, Wallspace";
Kenneth Baker
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Cecil Balmond
Hans Op de Beeck
Mark Bradford
Kimberly Brooks
Diana Burgoyne
Squeak Carnwath
Enrique Martinez Celaya
U-Ram Choe
Charles Clary
Erik & Martin Demaine
John Dempcy
Anthony Dubovsky
Paul Endres
Alexandra Grant
Karen Green
Gerda Gruber
Bernd Haussmann
Julie Heffernan
Katina Huston
Eithne Jordan
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Makiko Kudo
Todd Lanam
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Tom Lieber
Sharon Louden
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Michael Raedecker
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Isca Greenfield Sanders
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Hellen van Meene
John H. White

Grace C. Stanislaus, MoAD
Ghani Alani, Artist
Kenneth Baker, Art Critic/Writer
Saleh Baraket, ME Art Expert
Lucinda Barnes, Chief Curator & Director of
Programs and Collections BAM/PFA
Lowry Burgess, Artist/Educator
Elizabeth Colton, IMOW
Rene DeGuzman, Director Oakland Museum
Donald Hess, Art Collector
Mark Kozelek, Musician
Mario Livio, Astrophysicist
Harlan Mandel, MDLF
Kavita Ramdas, Global Fund for Women
Marcus Shelby, Composer/Musician/MSJO
Leonard Shlain, Surgeon/Writer
Steve Stockdale, ISGS