4 Steps To Becoming A Better Sleeper

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I cannot count the times when I woke up in the middle of the night being unable to sleep.  Prior to implementing these methods to my sleeping routine, I often felt tired or sleepy during the day.  Sleep deprivation can really affect your life in a negative way.  If you want to get a good night’s sleep and become a better sleeper, try following these four steps, as they will certainly help you on your way to feelings rested and full of energy.

  1. Adjust the Lights

Lovely-energy-saving-Cat-cartoon-cloth-lamp-Flexible-Adjust-the-light-intensity-Bedroom-sitting-room-Floor.jpg_350x350Whether you all are aware of it or not, the lights in your room have a big and important role when it comes to your sleeping habits.  If you are going to bed you should make sure that the lights are weak and dim.  This will allow you to doze off and fall asleep.  Furthermore, once you wake up you should be exposed to the light.  If you all are unable to wake up when the Sun rises, and for example you have to get up before in the sunrise the cause of your daily commitments, you should definitely turn on the all the lights you can find in your home.  The light will affect positively your body and it will be signaled that he needs to wake up.

  1. Create The Atmosphere

I have trouble falling asleep because every little thing annoyed me: computer buzzing, technology, lighting, the feeling and texture of my bedding, the smells, the sounds, etc.  When it comes to falling asleep you have to create a stress-free surrounding which will and relax you and where you will be able to lead yourself go.  If you are constantly annoyed and interrupted while trying to fall asleep, you will probably spend the entire night tossing and turning.  You have to be able to relax, this is the only way in which you will fall asleep.

  1. Stick To A Routine

If you’ve really want to improve your sleeping habits you should make a routine for yourself and stick to it.  Once you manage to go to bed every day at the same time, and get up at the same time you will see how much more energized you will feel throughout the day.  Furthermore, you should also try to make yourself to get up early.  This is a common tip, but truly it will make you feel much more organized, and you will feel much more satisfied during the day.  If you are not normally a morning person, you should at least try to be one.

  1. Handle Your Dreams

better-sleepWe all dream during the night whether we remember it or not.  We sometimes remember our dreams when we wake up but that does not always the case.  If you have ever had a lucid dream then you will now that it is a dream where you are able to control everything.  Some people say you should strive to have as much lucid dreams as possible.  The sense of control in your dreams will make you more resilient in stressful situations when you are awake.

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