Helpful Tips on How to Nail Your Next Test

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It’s evident that most students/exam takers loathe taking an exam, but let’s be honest, they’re quite inevitable. The truth is, you’ll still encounter exams even after school. While you may have your own method of reviewing, here are some tips that can help you ace that exam you’re dreading for.

So, have an upcoming exam? Then this one is for you.

Powerful Tips on How to Ace Your Test

1. Put out tests for you

Quizzing yourself is one of the best reviewing methods out there. Write out questionnaires from your notes or textbooks then answer it. Research shows that by writing down information, we store them more securely in our brain compared to typing them out. So by writing and answering, you’re already letting yourself memorize notes from the subject.Also, through this, you can determine where your weak areas are. Repeat answering your questions over and over until you remember it by heart.

studying-703002_6402. Study with a buddy

If you can’t stand reviewing on your own, then you might want to consider this. Go ask a mate from the same class to study with you, but make sure this person wants to study and not distract you. Pick a discreet place like the campus library or a coffee shop for the location. When you review with a buddy, you can throw each other questions, like things you know and things you’re not sure of. If you don’t have a close buddy in a class, ask a friend or a tutor to help you review the subject.

3. Drink!

No, not beer or tequila. I’m talking about coffee. Coffee won’t help you ace that test, but it has several advantages as it helps a person enhance their alertness, mood, performance and learning abilities, although I’m pretty sure you already know that. But if you’re not a coffee person, tea is also a good alternative.

4. Give yourself a break

Take breaks between reading and reviewing. It’s not good that you force yourself to study continuously; this may cause you not to remember anything. So take a little break from time to time, let’s say study for 20 minutes then take a 5-minute snack break. Everyone is different, so pick up a routine that works best for you.

5. Show up early for the exam

Come at least 10-15 minutes early in the exam room to give you time to refresh your memory and remember what you studied.

Additional Tips on How to Prepare for an Exam

1. Listen to music

Not just any music but the music that helps you calm your mind. Classical music is a good start. Stay away from distractions – Avoid turning the television on and using social media for a while. Swapping your focus from time to time between these distractions and reviewing will make it tougher for your brain to take information.

2. Study in a well-lit room

Staying in a dark room is not suggested as this may make you sleepy. So make sure you study in a pretty bright room. Get plenty of rest –Make sure you get a good night’s sleep to have plenty of energy for your exam.

3. Eat healthy

Avoid foods that are not good for your brain like junk foods. Instead, eat protein rich food that helps you raise mental alertness like eggs or beef.

4. Carefully read the directions

Make sure you’re following the right instructions in an exam to avoid errors.

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Top 10 Exercise Motivation Tips

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When it comes to exercising a lot of people have trouble with maintaining motivation for exercising.  It is not that they are lazy or that they do not want to exercise, it is just that in most cases people don’t know how to motivate themselves in the right way.  That is precisely why I would like to share with you my top ten motivational tips which will hopefully help you get started and continue with the exercising.

  1. Keep Tracks Of Your Progress

addiction-progress-not-perfectionIf you really want to motivate yourself to exercise, you should keep tracks of your progress.  This will allow you to know at all times where you’re at when it comes to exercising.

  1. Find Support Group

There are numerous support groups online, but also you could consider joining a local club or something similar.  Having a support group will immensely help you when it comes to maintaining your motivation for exercising.

  1. Keep Yourself Focused

You will be most motivated if you keep yourself focused on your goal.  This will allow you to have a reason why you are exercising, and each will make it much easier for you to exercise regularly.

  1. Picture Your Goal

If you don’t have a goal, you will probably give up soon.  You have to be able to determine your goal and then picture it.  You should do the visualization of your goal at least once a day for 5 minutes.

  1. Find A Partner / Workout Buddy

It’ll be easier for you to find motivation for exercising the if you have a workout partner or a buddy to help you out.  Also, you will be able to compete with someone, and this always affects your motivation positively.

  1. Reward Yourself

A man holding a present for you isolated on white backgroundYou have to be able to recognize your success and treat yourself.  If you reward yourself from time to time you will be able to continue with exercising.

  1. Find Inspiration

Inspiration-light-bulbIt is not just enough for you to read one inspirational quote once a month.  You will have to be determined to find inspiration on a daily basis.  This will immensely help you stay on the right course.

  1. Never Skip Exercise For Two Days In A Row

It’s easy to get sidetracked if you make causes which last longer than a day.  If you make a promise to yourself to never escape exercise for more than one day, you will be able to see some results pretty soon.

  1. Keep A Journal

If you want to stay on the right course, you should definitely keep a journal.  A journal will help you to record your progress and you will be proud of your success.

  1. Make It Known

If you are starting on exercise routine make sure that everyone knows about it.  Once you have made it known, you will have to keep this promise to yourself and to others.  It will be easier for you to find motivation to exercise, because you will not want to let anyone down.

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10 Quick and Easy Ways To Better Yourself

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If you would like to grow and improve yourself, and better yourself, here are ten ideas which might help you achieve this goal.

  1. Read A Book Daily

bookwebsiteIf you would like to work on yourself, and improve yourself, you should read a book every day.  In books you will be able to find all sorts of wisdom, and they might help you with your personal growth.  You can read all sorts of books such as philosophical works, books which have been renowned and rewarded, or books for self-improvement and self-growth.

  1. Learn a New Language

If you want to grow as a person, why don’t you try to learn a new language?  Learning a new language will help you expand your horizons, and will teach you about different cultures as well.  Also, learning a new language is a useful skill.  Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that the learning a new language benefits your brain and your memory.

  1. Pick Up A New Hobby

If your wants to better yourself, you can always pick up a new hobby.  You can try pottery, cooking, web design, or some sports such as: football, canoeing, ice skating, golf, rock climbing, etc.

Recently, I decided to learn a new hobby myself: I started learning more about the world of cooking (there are so many great books out there). I had no idea an electric knife sharpener would be the most important purchase in my journey. I’ve enjoyed my cooking journey and couldn’t have done it without my trusty sharpener.

  1. Overcome Fears

overcoming-fearIf you want to become a better person you should face your fears.  Once you recognize your fears you will be able to grow and surpass them.  Also, it will help you to set yourself free and you will feel more at peace with yourself and the world.

  1. Wake Up Early

Waking up early will help you improve your productivity and it will allow you to lead a quality life.  Once you make a habit out of it you will find it very difficult to go back to your bad sleeping habits.

  1. Exercise

Regular exercise will not only keep yourself fit, but it will also make you feel better.  Furthermore, physical exercise also benefits your brain and it enhances the memory center in your brain each year.

  1. Try Something New

Making yourself better and improving yourself also means trying out new things and getting out from your comfort zone.  The comfort zone is what makes you stagnate.  You have to change certain things in your life in order to change yourself.

  1. Stay Focused

If you have a to-do list, make sure that you stay focused and complete it.  Once you do, you should reward yourself for a job well done.  If you do not follow through, you will end up feeling extremely unproductive.

  1. Find Inspiration

3c397af5c913683dd5c00873c55fe3aaIf you want to better yourself you should work hard on finding the right inspiration for you.  It is not enough and that you find inspiration once a month.  Try to find inspiration on a daily basis.

  1. Replace A Bad Habit With A Good One

Think of your bad habits, and then think of the qualities that you would like to have.  Now try replacing the bad ones, with the new ones which will help you become a better person. By replacing your bad habits with good habits you will start to change yourself and for the better, too!

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7 Inspirational Quotes For Studying

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Sometimes it can be really difficult for you to study.  On some days we would just like to procrastinate forever and never study.  However, in these difficult times you must be aware that this kind of behavior can have long-term effects and consequences you would not like to see happen in your life.  In order to get you started to study, here are seven inspirational quotes which will help you get going.

  1. Never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.

In fact, procrastination is considered to be a mood-changing technique.  Just like food or drugs makes us feel better, we tend to procrastinate in order to feel better, before we start to study.  If you procrastinate, you all are setting up yourself for failure.

  1. Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.

main-qimg-d56fedfc955f5bdd6188eaed11820004You have to remember that it is just you.  No one is coming to save you, no one is going to do something for you.  You have to do this thing yourself.  And you have to push yourself to the limits.  Only in this way will you be able to succeed.

  1. If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

If you keep finding excuses and reasons why you shouldn’t study, you should definitely do some soul-searching and see whether you even want the life after the graduation.  Perhaps you’re a lack of motivation is telling you that you don’t want this life.

  1. The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

You have to get started.  We know that sometimes it is hard, but once you do it’s like setting a machine in motion, it will continue to move and you will be able to put less energy into it.

  1. Believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend that you do and, at some point you will.

You have to give yourself credit for a job well done.  You have to believe in yourself.  This is the key step to achieving success.  No one will do this one for you.  You have to be your biggest supporter; you have to be your biggest cheerleader.

  1. It always seems impossible until it is done.

Just think about your own achievements.  How impossible they seemed, right up until they were done.  Once you are done with it, you should celebrate it.  Don’t forget about your success!  It’s really important that you reward yourself for a job well done.

  1. A year from now you will wish you had started today.

Don’t you just love how amazingly true this sentence is!  If you want to change anything in your life, and especially when it comes to studying, you have to start now.  Now he’s a time as good as any other time for you to decide that you will devote yourself to this particular goal.  A year from now you will be able to see that you have done something.  Whereas, if you don’t start now, a year from now you will be at this very same place.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Memory

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It is really important that you take care of your memory and your brain.  As we age our memory doesn’t get better.  In fact, the very opposite of it is true.  If you want to take care of your memory and your brain, as for everything else in life you should work for it.  When it comes to making your memory better, there are five easy ways in which you could achieve it.

  1. Exercise

olahraga-rutinIf you want to encourage your brain to work at its optimum capacity, you will have to stimulate then nerve cells in order for them to multiply, strengthen interconnections and protect themselves from damage.  Exercising releases proteins which are known as neurotrophic factors.  Regular exercise improves the blood flow to your brain, but it also helps you learn the new tasks more quickly.  A research has shown that individuals who exercise on a regular basis expanded their brain’s memory center for 1-2% per year.

  1. Eat Right

eating-rightIf you want to improve your memory you should eat right.  You’re eating habits play a crucial role in your memory.  If your wants to better your memory, you should eat fresh vegetables, and avoid: fats, sugar and grain carbohydrates. Curry, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and walnuts are not just powerful antioxidants, but they also have compounds which protect your brain and even stimulate the production of new brain cells.  Also, you should increase your animal-based omega-3 fat intake and decrease the omega-6 fats in your diet. Coconut oil is also very healthy for your brain.

  1. Sleep Enough

If you want to better your memory you should sleep more.  Sleep is known for enhancing your memories and even helps you practice in order to improve your performance of challenging skills.  A single night of sleeping can improve your ability to think clearly, but it is also responsible for your brain growth.  This is also true for infants.  Babies get brain boosts from their naps. Furthermore, even adults could use day naps, as they have been found to dramatically boost and restore your brainpower.

  1. Master A New Skill

Stimulating your neurological system you are reducing the risk of dementia and enhancing your health and well-being.  A key factor is that you are motivated in this skill and that it holds your attention.  A mentally stimulating activity will stimulate your brain and decrease the odds of having mild cognitive impairment as you age.

  1. Play Brain Games

brain-games-memory-410x290If you don’t challenge your brain, eventually it begins to deteriorate.  You can challenge your brain by using ‘brain games’ which you can play online.  Playing brain games at least 20 minutes a day will give the necessary plasticity to your brain and it will help you enhance and preserve your memory. Also, you should really enjoy these games and they shouldn’t be considered just another task you should cramp in your already busy schedule. If you feel brain games are not your thing, you could try to master a new skill, pick up a hobby or learn a new language.

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