6 Primary Benefits of Starting Cycling

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Cycling, most commonly known as biking is the usage of a bicycle as a mode of exercise, sport or transportation. People who are engaged in cycling are often termed as bikers or cyclists. Bicycles were first presented in the 19th century, and now cycling is broadly considered as one of the most effective mode of transportation and exercise.

Here are a few reasons why cycling or biking is the best exercise for you.

1. It is easier for your legs – If you’re a person who doesn’t like running or jogging then cycling might be the exercise for you. Cycling keeps your heart pumping and legs moving without hurting your joints. While other exercises might take a toll on your legs or body, cycling helps develop the muscles in your legs without having to use so much force on the knees. Cycling is also a good alternative exercise even if you have minor injuries.

2. Lifts your mood- Riding the bicycle is proven to elevate a person’s mood. It is true as scientists themselves prove it. Cycling helps discharge stress and delivers endorphins directly to the brain. If you’re looking for a way to unwind after a stressful day at work or school, then cycling is a good method for you.

person-731492_6403. As a mode of transportation – Cycling is an excellent mode of transportation as it allows you to get from one place to another, quickly. You can even use your bike to get to the nearest store or even get to work without the problem of being stuck in the traffic. If you’re a person who lives in the city, cycling can be an advantage for you because it doesn’t just help you with your exercise but it also saves you a lot of money.

4. Quickly lose weight –Regular biking can quickly help you lose weight. It’s an effective cardio exercise that is recognized worldwide. Cycling also helps you develop your upper body muscles as well as to enhance your overall body posture. Also, you don’t have to sign yourself up for a gym membership just to lose weight, just buy yourself a proper bike and stroll around your place or city! If you’re one of the lucky citizens of the world there might be a near place from you, that lets you rent a bicycle.

5. For the fun of it – Stop thinking about cycling as an exercise; instead think of it as a fun activity. If you still haven’t tried to get on a bike, then you’re missing a lot in the world. Research says that continuous cycling delivers short-term euphoria. Cycling gives you a “high”, not the illegal high you’re thinking about but the permitted one. It is pretty much the same like the ‘Runner’s high.

business-764929_6406. You help save the planet –It’s not a secret how serious the issues of climate change these days. By riding your bicycle, you don’t only save yourself the money but also help reduce the usage of electricity, oil not to mention the smoke your car contributes to the pollution and many more other factors that destroy the earth.

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I Love Running – The Wonderful Benefits Of Jogging

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Exercise ensures that your body remains fit and healthy. Running not only keeps you fit but also ensures that you remain healthy. Running prepares you in dealing with difficult tasks that require energy. The reason as to why you will be able to tackle these tasks is because you are fit, and your muscles are well built. Below is a discussion of the various ways in which running helps you in your life.

Running ensures that you remain healthy

Running keeps your feet, and you can release the excess fats and waste products from the body as sweat. When you finish running, take a deep breath and ensure that the cardiovascular exercise you took shall benefit you all along.

The fitness also comes along with increased immunity where you can withstand harsh conditions of the weather without falling sick.

Running will improve your lifespan

How does running increase your years of life? Nowadays, people are dying due to diseases such as cancer and heart disorders. Running reduces the risk of contracting cancer, neurological disorders, and heart diseases. Therefore running will prevent you from the death due to the common killer diseases.

Running makes you smarter

Running not only improves the physical fitness but also improves the working capacity of your mind. Research has shown that running exercise greatly triggers the activity of the mind. Scientists have carried out research and have discovered that there are thousands of cells generated in the gray matter (the vital part of the brain that is in charge of learning and keeping a good memory). This activity happens after a few days of exercise.

Running is fun

Running becomes fun day by day as you get used to taking the exercise seriously. It becomes more fun when you realize that you don’t get tired as you used to. Running makes you discover that stress could be released through carrying ban activity involving exercise. If you have friends who love doing exercises, you can agree to run together thus having fun out of beneficial activity.

Running helps in flattening your belly

This mostly applies to women who have conceived. A woman said that after delivering her first child, she noticed that there was a pouch that remained where her flat belly used to be initial. Running aids in the burning of the visceral fat (the fat that is contained in the abdominal are of the body where the fetus is positioned in the womb right before conception)

Running improves your physical growth

Running is an exercise just like other exercise aids in ensuring that you become muscular, and you can handle tasks that require energy. Running builds your muscles, and as you continue carrying out the exercise on a daily basis, you become strong and your ability to handle difficult tasks is improved. The difficult tasks would include fetching water in the compound or carrying building materials during minor constructions in your home. If you are the type of person that does jobs that require vigorous muscular exercises, running will be of great help to you since you will not find the job hard.

Running could make you earn a living

Running has made a lot of people earn a living. The international marathons that are held annually give a lot of individuals a chance to run and receive income. A lot of individuals have started running as a career both locally and internationally. Many individuals have made it to the Olympic Games where some have even won gold medals and received sponsorship from prolific companies.

Running could help you raise funds to help those who are suffering

Some marathons are hosted just to support individuals who are suffering in the poverty-stricken parts of the world. This is one of the best reasons why one should run,

Running increases your appetite

Due to the lost energy while running, the body creates a need for more energy to replace the lost one. The lost energy can only be replaced by the body via oxidation of the energy giving foods. Therefore, one gets the desire to eat and provide the needed diet for oxidization to provide the lost energy. Eating keeps the body healthy and elevates one`s immunity levels.

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Top 10 Exercise Motivation Tips

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When it comes to exercising a lot of people have trouble with maintaining motivation for exercising.  It is not that they are lazy or that they do not want to exercise, it is just that in most cases people don’t know how to motivate themselves in the right way.  That is precisely why I would like to share with you my top ten motivational tips which will hopefully help you get started and continue with the exercising.

  1. Keep Tracks Of Your Progress

addiction-progress-not-perfectionIf you really want to motivate yourself to exercise, you should keep tracks of your progress.  This will allow you to know at all times where you’re at when it comes to exercising.

  1. Find Support Group

There are numerous support groups online, but also you could consider joining a local club or something similar.  Having a support group will immensely help you when it comes to maintaining your motivation for exercising.

  1. Keep Yourself Focused

You will be most motivated if you keep yourself focused on your goal.  This will allow you to have a reason why you are exercising, and each will make it much easier for you to exercise regularly.

  1. Picture Your Goal

If you don’t have a goal, you will probably give up soon.  You have to be able to determine your goal and then picture it.  You should do the visualization of your goal at least once a day for 5 minutes.

  1. Find A Partner / Workout Buddy

It’ll be easier for you to find motivation for exercising the if you have a workout partner or a buddy to help you out.  Also, you will be able to compete with someone, and this always affects your motivation positively.

  1. Reward Yourself

A man holding a present for you isolated on white backgroundYou have to be able to recognize your success and treat yourself.  If you reward yourself from time to time you will be able to continue with exercising.

  1. Find Inspiration

Inspiration-light-bulbIt is not just enough for you to read one inspirational quote once a month.  You will have to be determined to find inspiration on a daily basis.  This will immensely help you stay on the right course.

  1. Never Skip Exercise For Two Days In A Row

It’s easy to get sidetracked if you make causes which last longer than a day.  If you make a promise to yourself to never escape exercise for more than one day, you will be able to see some results pretty soon.

  1. Keep A Journal

If you want to stay on the right course, you should definitely keep a journal.  A journal will help you to record your progress and you will be proud of your success.

  1. Make It Known

If you are starting on exercise routine make sure that everyone knows about it.  Once you have made it known, you will have to keep this promise to yourself and to others.  It will be easier for you to find motivation to exercise, because you will not want to let anyone down.

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