Helpful Tips on How to Nail Your Next Test

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It’s evident that most students/exam takers loathe taking an exam, but let’s be honest, they’re quite inevitable. The truth is, you’ll still encounter exams even after school. While you may have your own method of reviewing, here are some tips that can help you ace that exam you’re dreading for.

So, have an upcoming exam? Then this one is for you.

Powerful Tips on How to Ace Your Test

1. Put out tests for you

Quizzing yourself is one of the best reviewing methods out there. Write out questionnaires from your notes or textbooks then answer it. Research shows that by writing down information, we store them more securely in our brain compared to typing them out. So by writing and answering, you’re already letting yourself memorize notes from the subject.Also, through this, you can determine where your weak areas are. Repeat answering your questions over and over until you remember it by heart.

studying-703002_6402. Study with a buddy

If you can’t stand reviewing on your own, then you might want to consider this. Go ask a mate from the same class to study with you, but make sure this person wants to study and not distract you. Pick a discreet place like the campus library or a coffee shop for the location. When you review with a buddy, you can throw each other questions, like things you know and things you’re not sure of. If you don’t have a close buddy in a class, ask a friend or a tutor to help you review the subject.

3. Drink!

No, not beer or tequila. I’m talking about coffee. Coffee won’t help you ace that test, but it has several advantages as it helps a person enhance their alertness, mood, performance and learning abilities, although I’m pretty sure you already know that. But if you’re not a coffee person, tea is also a good alternative.

4. Give yourself a break

Take breaks between reading and reviewing. It’s not good that you force yourself to study continuously; this may cause you not to remember anything. So take a little break from time to time, let’s say study for 20 minutes then take a 5-minute snack break. Everyone is different, so pick up a routine that works best for you.

5. Show up early for the exam

Come at least 10-15 minutes early in the exam room to give you time to refresh your memory and remember what you studied.

Additional Tips on How to Prepare for an Exam

1. Listen to music

Not just any music but the music that helps you calm your mind. Classical music is a good start. Stay away from distractions – Avoid turning the television on and using social media for a while. Swapping your focus from time to time between these distractions and reviewing will make it tougher for your brain to take information.

2. Study in a well-lit room

Staying in a dark room is not suggested as this may make you sleepy. So make sure you study in a pretty bright room. Get plenty of rest –Make sure you get a good night’s sleep to have plenty of energy for your exam.

3. Eat healthy

Avoid foods that are not good for your brain like junk foods. Instead, eat protein rich food that helps you raise mental alertness like eggs or beef.

4. Carefully read the directions

Make sure you’re following the right instructions in an exam to avoid errors.